Bachelor Program in Italy


Bachelor program in italy there are around 90 universities in Italy, of which the majority are publicly entrusted. There are also a number of specialized polytechnics, postgraduate centers and other academies that form part of the higher education section.

Under the Bologna Process, Italy has accomplished the nuovoordinamento system, replacing the former vecchioordinamento. In Italy, higher education now consists of a three-year Bachelor’s degree known the laureatriennale, which can be followed by the two-years. Call Now

There is a credit system in place to quantify the amount of work needed to pass each course thatmeans 25 work hours is equal to 1 credit as well as an opportunity to alter your course or continue your studies abroad after three years. Medical students must take a six-years degree. Students wishing to study law must take the five years LaureaMagistrale a CicloUnico. Call Now

Bachelor Program (3 Years):

Architecture Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, , Electronic And Communications Engineering, Bio-Sciences and Biotechnology, Geological, Natural and Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Sciences, Management, Economics and Banking, Economics, Business Administration (BBA), Global Governance. Call Now

Required Result for study in Italy for Bangladeshi students:

Bachelor Program: Every student at least 12 years study has to be completed (HSC), Diploma also apply bachelor program. Study gap maximum 5 years is accepted and Madrasa Education is allowed. HSC result not be below GPA 3.50/5.00.

Language Proficiency: IELTS Score 6.0 minimum Call Now

Required Documents for Admission:

  • Passport valid for at least six months.
  • recent Passport size photo.
  • SSC, HSC & Bachelor Certificate & Transcript
  • IELTS Certificate (IELTS Score 6.0)
  • Medium of Instruction Certificate (if have)
  • Two Recommendation Letter (for Masters)
  • CV (.docx file) Call Now

Required Documents (Hard Copy):

  • Recent Passport size photo (white background)
  • Attestation of all academic certificate & transcript (2 set photocopy) by Education Board.
  • Attestation of all educational documents by Education Ministry & Foreign Ministry
  • All academic papers verified by IOM (International Organization for Migration)
  • Health Insurance

Application period:

  • For September Session: 1st November 2019 to 28th February, 2020
  • For January Session: 25th May 2020 to 25th July, 2020 Call Now