Thanks for your interest about study in ITALY. Study opportunity in worlds most ancient universities in English medium in undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma. Italian universities offer wide range of courses with affordable tuition fee which is less than any other country in Europe. Visa requirements are easier than others, but processing time is little bit lengthy.


  • File opening (Free of cost)
  • File Submission (with Academic Documents)
  • Apply University
  • University Admission Conform


  • Board attestation, IOM verification, Translation of Documents
  • Submit your documents to Italian Embassy for DOV letter
  • Preparation for embassy interview
  • Face Interview


  • Open Bank Account with Student file (BDT 8-10 lac)
  • Ready Health Insurance
  • Submit your Passport For VISA (By VFS)
  • Preparation for embassy interview
  • Collect your VISA (by embassy)
  • Let’s GO

Our working universities:

  • Politecnico di Milano (World Ranking:183)
  • University of Bologna(World Ranking:208)
  • Sapienza – Università di Roma (World Ranking:223)
  • Politecnico di Torino(World Ranking: 305)
  • University of Padova (UNIPD) (World Ranking:338)
  • University of Milano (World Ranking: 370)
  • University of Trento (World Ranking:441-450)
  • univesity of Rome Tor Vergata(World Ranking: 481-490)
  • University of Trento (World Ranking:441-450)
  • University of Bergamo (World Ranking:401-450)
  • University of Pisa (World Ranking:401-450)
  • University of Florence, University of Siena, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, University of Salento, University of Verona, University of Catania, University of Parma, University of Trieste.


“As an international student in Italy, I was particularly impressed by the cultural experience and heritage sites in the country. Every weekend, a large group of us international students would plan to visit various places and just see how Italians spend their time and go about their activities. Within the city of Milan, there were many events organized, especially during the weekends. So if we didn’t go to the countryside to have a walk and see the daily life of Italians, we would just have fun attending these events. I believe by getting a chance to study in Italy, it was a real blessing for me. I always recommend studying in Italy to all my friends back home.”

EMERY BURNS, Science Student
“Bangladesh is a very nice place to study. Even though I haven’t been here for too long, as a joined the campus just a few months ago, I can say this s the best place I have ever been. The environment is very conducive for learning, with everyone ready and willing to help. I must also mention the discipline level, which is very high. You would wonder if there are any foreign students here, as we mingle and make friends with everyone, without minding where they come from. For those who are not sure whether or not to choose to study abroad in Bangladesh, you are already missing the great things here. It is the best you can ever get.”

LEE MILLER, Biology Student

A chance to study in Italy has really helped me understand how the world can be a good place for humanity. In my school in Italy, we are so many foreign students, from various countries across the world. But when you visit us, you will realize that we are just one big family. Italian students are so good to us foreign students, making us feel at home. This helped especially me to settle in fast and focus on the education. The educational level is also high, with each professor giving us his best. With the knowledge I have gotten from this university, I’m sure I will be able to conquer the world once I graduate.

EMERY BURNS, Science Student